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INFO 210 - Elements of Style: Urban Culture & Beyond: Trailblazers

A guide highlighting the ever evolving past, present, and future of urban youth culture.


There are some individuals who are the progenitors of street culture and style, whether they knew it or not, helping to birth new schools of thought and creative styles that have been studied, replicated, and revered around the world. This section is a sample of biographies, memoirs, and monographs of some key figures who have helped to create platforms that have elevated urban culture away from the braggadocios of youthful expression, into a recognizable form of artistic expression. 



Stay Fresh With These Links (Urban Culture Icons)

Popular culture births some amazing individuals in all parts of the arts, entertainment, and political sphere. These lists contain many people who have helped to shape our understanding of fame, fortune, and celebrity (for better or worse). Utilize these lists more for reference in relation to the era these individuals lived in and how their experiences and works shaped the generation they belonged to. These lists are not comprehensive and/or complete.