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Scholarly Communication: Scholarly Commons at ERAU

An introductory guide to issues in scholarly communication, including scholarly publishing, copyright, author rights, open access, open educational resources, and institutional repositories.

Institutional Repository

An institutional repository (IR) is a set of digital collections that capture and preserve the intellectual output of a university or other organization. IRs provide a centralized, durable digital location for the results of the research, teaching and learning, and service activities of the university. They also serve as a tangible indicator of an institution’s quality by showcasing the research and other creative works of the faculty, students, and staff. As such, they increase a university’s prestige, visibility and public value. 

"About ERAU's Institutional Repository," ERAU

ERAU's Institutional Repository

Scholarly Commons is the institutional repository of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU).

  • Open access digital repository that collects, archives, and disseminates the intellectual and creative output of the faculty, staff, and students of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU).
  • Providing open access for university creative works to a global audience:

    • Showcasing: journal articles, conference papers, reports, presentations, datasets, and videos.
    • Archiving: university publications, records, and artifacts.
    • Hosting: journals, magazines, conferences, events, open educational resources. 

Access Scholarly Commons at ERAU

Submissions to Scholarly Commons

Scholarly Commons is open to submissions from ERAU faculty and staff. Student contributions are limited to ERAU theses, dissertations, and works that are recommended for inclusion by an ERAU faculty member. Non-ERAU researchers may find publication opportunities in our hosted journals and conferences area.

Faculty and Staff Submissions

Faculty and staff may submit research online through a direct submission process or contact to be paired with a librarian who will assist with the submission process. All submissions are reviewed for copyright compliance.

Student Research

ERAU theses are automatically added to Scholarly Commons by library staff as part of the theses submission process. Access to theses is restricted to current ERAU students, faculty and staff.

Dissertations are also added automatically to Scholarly Commons and are openly accessible unless an embargo or restriction is requested by the student, faculty advisor, or sponsoring institution.

Graduate capstone projects and other student research must be recommended for publication by the student's advisor or faculty member related to the project. Forward the faculty recommendation to along with the research paper or presentation and any other supporting research material attached.